Monday, October 2, 2023
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Statement from 171 Distinguished Citizens, Intellectuals and Professionals of the Nation Opposing the Request for Postponement Trial Proceedings of Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Lately, an open letter addressed to the honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh initiated by a group of noble laureates, politicians, influential business leaders and members of civil societies from various countries has garnered our attention. The content of this letter is viewed as a potential threat to the sovereignty and Independent judicial system of Bangladesh. In this letter, a plea is made to call off the trial proceedings against Dr. Mohammad Yunus. As conscientious citizens of our country, we voice our deep concern regarding this unwarranted interference in the judicial process of Bangladesh.

This open letter has raised some legal and ethical concerns. Pursuant to Article 94(4) of the Constitution of Bangladesh, the judges are are entirely independent in the exercise of their judicial function. In accordance with the constitution, no one engaged in governing the country, including the Prime Minister, has the authority to meddle in any judicial matters. The assertion made in the letter contradict the constitution of Bangladesh and the fundamental rights of the worker declared by International Labor Organization (ILO). We consider the plea in the letter for Dr. Muhammad Yunus to be tried by impartial Judges as an attempt to undermine the judiciary of Bangladesh.

All citizens are equal in the eyes of law according to the constitution of independent and sovereign Bangladesh secured through a great war of liberation. Everybody possesses the right to legal protection and justice as enshrined in the constitution which is earned through the sacrifices of millions of martyrs. Needless to say that the proceedings against Dr. Yunus are being conducted with full adherence to the law and with complete independence. Within this context, allegation of ‘judicial’ harassment are unfounded and unintended. Furthermore, as a free citizen of Bangladesh, Dr. Yunus continues to engage in all his personal and professional endeavors without interruption, both inside the country and abroad.

Bangladesh maintains a very close and amicable relationship with the nations represented by the signatories of the statement. We hope that the signatories of the statement will afford the same opportunity to Bangladesh’s judicial system to operate according to its own law, just as they do in their own respective countries and show due respect.

On behalf of the eminent citizens, intellectuals and professionals who have signed in the statement.


(Professor Nisar Hossain, Artist)

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